Nestled among the rolling hills of South Limburg, near Maastricht

Meerssen offers visitors an endless array of surprises, starting with the colossal and magnificent Basilica. The first influx of visitors were pilgrims, drawn by tales of the miracles that transpired here. These days, tourists are drawn to Meerssen's bustling café terraces and market square, its charming shops, its rich cultural heritage, and its endless walking and cycling routes and beautiful forests and streams. Meerssen can be charming and serene yet bustling with activity; a place for quiet reflection and lively events. Come and experience it yourself. Welcome to Meerssen.

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Bunde, Geulle & Meerssen

Meerssen, which dates back to prehistoric times, was once inhabited by the Romans and visited by Charlemagne. It is a historic pilgrimage site with the Basilica as its undisputed showpiece. The stunning river valleys of Geul en Maas, the numerous castles and ancient estates, and the varied nature all characterize the Meerssen region. Nowhere is this more apparent than the quaint village of Bunde, which is known for its Bunderbos: a hillside forest with countless springs and streams that provide for a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Geulle is equally quaint, with its castle dating from 1620 and its charming watermill as the main attractions.

Rothem, Ulestraten & Waterval

When in Ulestraten, you shouldn't pass up the opportunity to walk or cycle through the hamlet of Waterval. Explore De Dellen nature reserve in Rothem and end up in the neighbouring municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul. At an isolated spot near the hamlet of Voulwames (near Itteren), the Geul river flows into the Meuse. This picturesque hamlet is the start and finish of the 56-kilometre Geul valley route 'Via Gulia', which runs from the river's source (by Lichtenbusch) to its end (at Voulwames).


The municipality of Meerssen is easily accessible via the A2 and A79 motorways. It is also accessible by train (via Bunde and Meerssen railway stations). You can even travel there by plane: Maastricht Aachen Airport is located in the neighbouring municipality of Beek.

VVV service point Meerssen

The service point of the VVV tourist office is located in Bloemenhuis De Zonnestraal at Gasthuisstraat 28. The tourist office sells regional products, postcards, books and guides, and gift vouchers. The service point also has an iPad pillar where visitors can search for tourist information on the VVV website.

Bloemenhuis De Zonnestraal
Gasthuisstraat 28
6231 JW Meerssen


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