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Sporting events, nature excursions, exhibitions, markets, and Sunday shopping: Meerssen organizes a range of activities for people of all ages. People flock to Meerssen for its walking and cycling routes, spend months training for the Meerssen Marathon, and spend all year looking forward to the special market on Ascension Day and the annual market on the first Sunday in September. The summer brings the culinary Charlemagne Preuve Festijn, a spectacular dining and drinking experience on the market square. With events like these, there's always a reason to visit Meerssen.


Charlemagne Preuve Festijn

The Charlemagne Preuve Festijn is a spectacular culinary event that is free to the public. It is held annually on the market square in Meerssen, at the foot of the beautiful Basilica. The festival includes music and entertainment.

Meerssen Marathon

The Meerssen Marathon attracts runners from around the world, all wanting to tackle this challenging course. The Meerssen Marathon owes much of its success to the fun atmosphere and the varied course. The 5 km, quarter marathon, half marathon, 20-mile race, and full marathon all wind their way through picturesque villages like Meerssen, Schietecoven, Ulestraten, and Waterval. Over the past nineteen years, the marathon has grown into a regional event in the southern Netherlands and is the only real marathon in South Limburg.

Sacramentsprocessie Octaaf Meerssen

Both miracles are commemorated each year during the annual Octave celebration. The opening of the Octave is always held on the Sunday after Pentecost, when processions to and from the Basilica are held over the course of eight days (hence the name 'Octave'). All South Limburg locals are familiar with the Meerssener Ganck, a short devotional tour around the main altar at the start of the Sacramental Octave, whereby pilgrims walk to the back of the altar, touch the tabernacle door at the back of the high altar, and say a prayer at the altar itself.

Bartholomeus market and annual market

The Bartholomeus market and the annual market are held each year on Ascension Day and the first Sunday of September, respectively. In addition to an art and antiques market, these events offer entertainment for people of all ages. During the Bartholomeus market, the civil militia St. Remigius erects traditional maypoles near the Basilica.

Weekly market in Meerssen

Every Thursday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM on the market square in Meerssen. The market is surrounded by lovely restaurants and cafes where you can grab a drink and a bite to eat.

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