Routes in Meerssen

An extensive network past the most beautiful spots

The green surroundings of Meerssen invite you to hop on your bicycle and put on your walking shoes. Discover a small castle in the forest overlooking a watery habitat that's home to incredible flora and fauna and bustling café terraces at the heart of charming villages, which offer the perfect spot to rest and recharge. The many walking and cycling routes will take you to the most beautiful spots in Meerssen and the surrounding area.

Lovely on a hike, choose your route:

Discover the many cycling routes

A tour of South Limburg’s basilicas

This 47.9-km cycling route takes you along part of St James Way, past Meerssen’s basilica and other unique religious heritage sites in South Limburg. It’s the ideal way to enjoy the beautiful scenery and cycle along the Meuse.

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Cycle racing routes in Meerssen

Long-distance walk

This cross-border hike of 137 km connects the 11 Dutch and Belgian Meuse communities in the Meuse Valley River Park and takes you past the most beautiful landscapes and cosy villages. The walk was voted 'Best walking route of the Benelux' in April 2021.

Walking or galloping?

The best way to discover the green and water-rich area outside Meerssen is on horseback. Beautiful trails wind their way around the villages of Geulle and Bunde. Gallop through forests, streams, fields, and the occasional castle while admiring the stunning views. There are several stables just outside Meerssen which have everything you need for a day or even an entire week of carefree horse riding. The local riding trails connect to a larger network that runs through all of South Limburg, giving you plenty to discover.

There is still so much to discover in Meerssen: