Plenty of space for reflection

Traditionally Meerssen is a place of reflection. Every year thousands of pilgrims visit the basilica to commemorate the wonders that took place here. Not only the religious heritage encourages to take a pause fore reflection. The nature-rich environment laced with rivers and streams, full of woods and fields, take your thoughts away from everyday life. Experience the tranquility of nature on foot, by bike or by boat. Take a welcome break on a sunny terrace, where the local culture invites you to practice the art of enjoying life.



Meet Anna

Once the Meerssen railway station, now a sustainable hub for meeting and training, dialogue and debate, open space and knowledge sessions, lectures and speeches. Unique and yet natural, the station is the place to meet and get together, to end a journey or to start a new one.

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Basilica of the Blessed Sacrament, Meerssen

The Basilica on the market square is also known as the 'showpiece of Mosan Gothic'. The middle section was built around 800 in Romanesque style by Charlemagne. Between 1320 and 1340, monks from Reims built the lower chancel in Gothic style (from the pulpit towards the altar). The middle section was later adapted to this style. The Basilica partially burned down in 1465 and in 1649 the church tower was partially destroyed in a storm. In 1773, it was demolished completely. The Basilica underwent two full restorations in the twentieth century. In 1938, Pope Pius Xi conferred it the status of basilica.

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