Out and about in Meerssen

Have fun and pamper yourself

Sleep, eat, stroll, cycle, party, explore, relax, and above all have fun in beautiful Meerssen. Mills, churches, castles, and parks will transport you back to the Meerssen of yore, while the charming shops offer the latest fashion and retail trends.


Those looking for peace and quiet can head into nature on foot, by bicycle, or on horseback and admire the rich and rare flora and fauna fed by the Meuse, the Geul, and the Watervalderbeek. Feeling rested and up for some fun? A wide range of events are organized throughout the year.

Historic Meerssen will surprise and delight

Visiting Meerssen by train gives you the perfect opportunity to admire the city's rich cultural heritage. The historic railway station from 1853, with its quaint, half-timbered signal box, welcomes you to an area dotted with ancient churches, mills, and castles and surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Famous Meerssen artist Charles Eyck left artistic marks throughout the city, as well as a must-see architectural showstopper: the Basilica. This historic highlight was built to commemorate the miracles that transpired here...

Endless shopping fun for fashion-lovers and foodies

The historic heart of Meerssen is brimming with charming shops run by small business owners: from exclusive men's and women's fashion to must-have jewellery, endless interior design inspiration, and inspirational gift ideas. There are plenty of other shopping gems to be found in the surrounding villages of Bunde, Geulle, Ulestraten, and Rothem. Foodies will love the Thursday market, with its delicatessen, bakery, cookery shop, and chocolatier and patissier. End your day with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the local florist as a reminder of your fun shopping excursion in Meerssen.

Art in Meerssen: From Van Eyck to graffiti

The serene and natural environment in which Meerssen is situated inspires the creation of great art. In fact, an entirely art movement emerged after the Second World War, in the Rothem oil mill along the Geul. Known as the Meerssen School, its most famous artist was Charles Eyck, whose extensive oeuvre gained international acclaim. You don't have to go far to experience Meerssen's art: it's right there on the street! 

Long-distance walk

This cross-border hike of 137 km connects the 11 Dutch and Belgian Meuse communities in the Meuse Valley River Park and takes you past the most beautiful landscapes and cosy villages. The walk was voted 'Best walking route of the Benelux' in April 2021.

An extensive network past the most beautiful spots

The green surroundings of Meerssen invite you to hop on your bicycle and put on your walking shoes. Discover a small castle in the forest overlooking a watery habitat that's home to incredible flora and fauna and bustling café terraces at the heart of charming villages, which offer the perfect spot to rest and recharge. 

Plenty of space for reflection

Traditionally Meerssen is a place of reflection. Every year thousands of pilgrims visit the basilica to commemorate the wonders that took place here. Not only the religious heritage encourages to take a pause fore reflection. The nature-rich environment laced with rivers and streams, full of woods and fields, take your thoughts away from everyday life. Experience the tranquility of nature on foot, by bike or by boat. Take a welcome break on a sunny terrace, where the local culture invites you to practice the art of enjoying life.

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Sleep, eat, stroll, cycle, party, explore, relax, and above all have fun in beautiful Meerssen. See all attractions & sights on the map.

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